Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Columbus in Personal Ubiquitous Computing

A paper entitled Mobile exploration of geotagged photographs, authored by Mattias Rost, Henriette Cramer, and Lars Erik Holmquist, published in Personal Ubiquitous Computing is now available online through the following SpringerLink.


Columbus is a mobile application that lets users explore their surroundings through geotagged photographs, presented to them at the location they were taken. By moving around the physical world, the user unlocks photographs and gets to see and experience them in unison with their location. During two consecutive field trials, we investigated how the application was used and experienced and how photographs and locations are explored together. We found that previous experience with the surroundings people was exploring affected how they experienced the localized content. We report on the system’s design and implementation, the trials as well as resulting insights that can be used by other developers of locative media applications.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We'll be at MobileHCI 2011 in Stockholm

We will naturally be at MobileHCI 2011 starting in two weeks from now. MobileHCI will be held i Stockholm, Sweden, and is organized by Mobile Life Centre - the very same centre where we are based! We are all thus very involved in the organization, and will personally make sure it will be an outstanding conference for all.

Besides taking part in the organization, we will also be presenting. On wednesday during the first paper session in Riddarsalen, Henriette Cramer will present the paper 'Performing a Check-in: Emerging Practices, Norms and ‘Conflicts’ in Location-sharing Using Foursquare' , by herself, Mattias Rost, and Lars Erik Holmquist.

Another, more unconventional presentation takes place after the conference dinner at Munchenbryggeriet, where Lars Erik will be DJ:ing under his alias Got To Have Pop.

You will also see us throughout the conference during various other things, but do not hesitate say hi!