Monday, January 19, 2009

Two posters at HRI

The group will present to short papers at the Human-Robot Interaction conference (HRI), were we present some of the recent work on ethics performed in the LIREC project. Both papers are based on workshops held during the fall, one at nordiCHI in Lund and one at the ArtBots festival in Dublin. The two topics discussed concerns the intersection of third wave HCI and HRI, and what could be thought of as a "robot cargo cult". We think both these themes may open up for lots of interesting discussions, so if you are in San Diego at the time please come and hang out by our posters!

ActDresses to TEI

Ylva and Mattias will participate in the Tangible and Embedded Interactions conference, presenting a conceptual paper on the ongoing project actDresses, in which we explore the design space of controlling and programming robots by dressing them up. The picture sequence above shows one of three interaction scenarios that we are currently working on. More information on this project is available at the actDresses webpage.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Photography study at CHI 2009

Sara Ljungblad will present the paper Passive Photography from a Creative Perspective: "If I would just shoot the same thing for seven days, it's like... What's the point?" at CHI 2009, the annual ACM SIGCHI conference on Computer-Human Interaction. The paper describes a study of Sensecam, a wearable digital camera that is designed to take photographs passively, without user intervention. The paper is based on work conducted with Richard Harper at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. The CHI conference will be held in Boston, USA, on April 4-9, 2009.