Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pre-seminar for HCI thesis nov 5th

On the 5th of november Sara Ljungblad has a seminar about her thesis draft "Experience centred Innovation" at DSV in KIsta, Stockholm. Professor Jonas Löwgren will act as "opponent" and discuss the draft.

Abstract of the thesis:
How can experiences be used as a resource for innovation in HCI (Human Computer Interaction)? This thesis presents the design philosophy "Experience Centred Innovation" which attempts to capture qualities of experiences and transfer these into innovative designs and forms of interaction for digital artefacts. Innovation is approached in the design process by matching "the design material" with qualities of experiences, studied in a human practice. The practice is referred to as a marginal practice, and is chosen to be relevant for the intended design outcome instead of representing potential users. This is different from a user-centred design process within HCI that focus on intended users as a basis for design. The research is design driven, and builds on several empirical design cases. Experience Centred Innovation contributes with (1) the concept or transferable qualities as a resource for innovation (2) novel design outcomes, and (3) transfer scenarios - design method for capturing and transferring qualities of experiences.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pictures and video from Wired NextFest

The demonstration of Glowbots at Wired NextFest was a big success! You can see some pictures here. GlowBots are small wheeled robots that develop complex relationships between each other and with their owners. They were designed using the Transfer Scenarios method, presented at CHI 2007, and are a result in the European project ECAgents - Embodied Communicating Agents. Wired NextFest is a four-day festival of innovative products and technologies that are transforming our world. Below is a Glowbots video from Artfuture - tracking cutting-edge creativity from around the world...

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