Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Business Models in the Mobile Ecosystem

On June 13th, Xia Rue Xue will present the paper titled "Business Models in the Mobile Ecosystem" at the Global Mobility Roundtable conference in Athens, Greece. The paper is the result of Xia's Master thesis, and is an analysis of current business models in the mobile ecosystem. It uses case studies from a set of Scandinavian companies with different roles; a device manufacturer, a network operator, and a set of small startups focusing on the mobile market. The companies' business models are described and the relationships with other stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem.
Come to the conference and discuss the paper, and other interesting topics in Athens. The conference is from 13th-15th of June.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Intern: Sebastian Büttner

Since two weeks Sebastian Büttner is working with us in the Mobile 2.0 group. Sebastian is a student of the German Darmstadt University of Technology. He will work on his 'diploma thesis' at FAL & Mobile Life Centre until the end of September. He will be focusing on new concepts for location-based services, in particular by integrating objects, tagged with barcodes or RFIDs into location based services to improve those and make them easier to use.
We're all quite excited to see what he'll come up with - physical check-ins, revolutionary integration of the 'real and virtual'? We'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Talking about games technology!

Two of us involved in the Wii Science project will be presenting our findings and concerns (so far) in the project at the workshop "Video Games as Research Instruments", to be held at CHI2010 in Atlanta, GA (USA). The Wii Science project is a collaboration with Stanford University together with two primary schools, one in Stockholm, Sweden and one in Palo Alto, USA. In the project, we're looking into how we can use the technology in the Wii Remote to create tools for children to use when they familiarize themselves with the practice of scientific experimentation when i.e. learning about force, energy, kinetic, momentum etc. With the Wii Remote, we not only have the opportunity to use existing solutions that we can modify and write software for, but also design for physical exploration in interesting ways!